AudCal for iOS: A powerful audiologic tool in your pocket.

- Download from iTunes - (english and spanish languages available)

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¿What is AudCal?

AudCal is a complete mobile tool for health professionals and students.

Its main feature is to plot audiograms and perform main audiometric calculations.

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Hearing Handicap (AAO 1979)
Disability (Royal decree 1971/1999 - Spain)
Average pure tone threshold
Interaural symmetry
Hearing loss level (BIAP1997)
Masking aid
Air conducted audiogram
Bone conducted audiogram
Prue tone synthesized frequencies: 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000 y 8000 Hz
Sound level: 0-75 dB-HL (+-7 dB-HL, max dev 20dB-HL)

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